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How to Eat Eggs: Escaping Runaway Bride syndrome

As we Rant, love, create our way through our journeys, we give so much of ourselves (mind body and soul), but often times we forget to replenish. In many cases its so much worse: We don't know how to replenish, so we lose ourselves in people, and things that hinder our passions, pleasures and peace. Many people, especially us people born before '95 fell pray to something I like to call Runaway Bride syndrome. Yes, I am definitely referring to the 1999 film, Runaway Bride, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gear. In this iconic RomCom, small town woman, Maggie Carpenter, gets slandered in the newspaper by big city reporter, Ike Graham, for running out at the alter on 3 previous weddings. Ike suspects Maggie will run out on wedding 4 too, so to save his career he goes to investigate. Ike's invasive behavior helps Maggie to realize she doesn't really know herself. She simply falls into the interest of whoever she dating, at any given time(So much so she doesn't even know how she prefers he eggs be cooked). As with every romcom: antics ensue which lead our protagonist to self discovery. I grew up with this movie, but it wasn't until a veiwing during my quarter life crisis, a few years ago, that I scrambled up, "Runaway Bride syndrome". So many of us simply fall into the life dominating their surroundings. Even as the rebels, the black sheeps, the trend setters, something or someone still had a hand in your happiness. You didn't even realize because for the most part you "didn't mind". Ordering a similar breakfast as your partner was easy, taking over the family business is more convenient, not debating for sake you "already know" your siblings response keeps the peace... but does it really? If what they say is true and this is our one life, then don't you deserve a little peace of mind? A little pleasure from your food? A little passion in your career? A close friend of mine said she'd never had an orgasm. This same friend says she enjoys sex but has never masterbated. I asked her if she was scared to have the big O, and she was just like, "no, just no one's gotten me there. I told her exactly what I'm about to tell you: YOU CANNOT RELY ON OTHER PEOPLE FOR YOUR PLEASURE. This does not mean other people can't also please you but 1st you need to know pleasure and passion for yourself. Don't be like Maggie Carpenter! This isn't just bedroom thoughts and lusty wishes.You need to know what food erects your tastebuds? what kind of work stimulates your soul? What private thoughts arouse your private parts? In order to properly share the vulnerability it takes to RANT, love, and create you have to be willing to learn your passions, your peace, your pleasures. If you aren't completely sure where to start, start with Maggie's first test of self discovery: How do you like your eggs prepared? I know, I know, not everyone eats eggs. I understand. It doesn't have to be eggs. However... It should be a common food known to be prepared several different ways (like eggs, potatoes, cauliflower, etc.). This awakens all of your senses (sight, taste, smell, touch, sound), which opens you up to more and more self-discoveries. Like Maggie, you MUST escape Runaway Bride syndrome in order to create a life of passion, peace, and pleasure. Enjoy getting to know you! And hey... maybe one day, I'll tell you MY full Runaway Bride syndrome story, as well as, the other 22 simple questions I thought up around that time. What? You thought you'd get all the goods that easily? Well where's the pleasure in that? 😉

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